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TO ASK WHAT THE USE OF PHILOSOPHY IS is like asking what the use of understanding is.

One answer is that understanding is something that we very often seek for its own sake. As Aristotle said long ago: “All human beings by nature desire to understand.” We are curious if nothing else, and it is one of the more admirable traits of human beings. We like to know what is going on and why. After we have fed ourselves and put a roof over our heads, and attended to other basic needs, the question arises what we are to do with our time. One suggestion is that we should raise our heads a bit and look around us and try to understand ourselves and things around us.

Human beings are by their nature curious. Universities are centres of curiosity. They are repositories and preservers of the accumulated knowledge and understanding of humankind as well as the primary centres in the modern of world of the pursuit of pure inquiry. Why is this valuable? Well, why is anything valuable? It is a good question, isn’t it? It’s a philosophical question.

Aristotle said that education is the best viaticum for old age. But it is not just the best provision for the last part of the journey of life, but for the whole of the journey. It is because with a good education comes an enlarged capacity for understanding. A good education gives you the knowledge of what it is like to really understand something. It brings a wider and more acute perception of things generally. (Taken from Florida University's Philosophy Website)

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